Area Of A Circle Word Problems

Many times students in grade eight need to solve area of a circle word problems. Some of these problems contain clock questions and students find it very hard to solve such type of circle application problem.

In this presentation we are giving one solved exercise to explain the concept and other worksheets for students to practice the same. These problems are not hard, the need is to understand that each clock hand sweeps one full circle in a round.

For example; the minute hand sweep one full circle in one hour, the second hand does the same in one minute and the hour hand sweeps one full circle in 12 hours.

Once students get aware that the area swept by any type of a clock hand is circular then they can use the formula for area of a circle to find the required area swept by the clock hand

Below is a lesson and worksheet to learn this application of area of a circle:

Feel free to print the following pdf version of the lesson and worksheet on area of a circle word problem involving clocks.



Below is a worksheet on the above concept. Print it as well and check if you have understood how to find the area of a circle in word problems.


Above is the first kind of area of a circle word problem, students can face in grade eight or nine circle geometry. Hope our little effort will help them to understand the concept and make math easy for them.

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